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  • Power House - Solar power for your home

    We supply and install all types of solar, suitable for almost all types of property.

    Solar options for nearly every home

    Nearly all homes have at least some potential for solar power, even when the main roof is not an option. From outbuildings to ground-mounted, there are alternatives that can make going solar a reality for most, especially considering the low initial cost.

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    This is the most popular residential solar pv system. With sleek all-black panels and high efficiencies, the standard system has really improved in the last few years

    If aesthetics are less important or the system is obscured from view, silver-framed panels can provide a slightly lower cost option

    These systems are perfect for new builds and new roofs. They give a seamless finish, integrated into the building fabric

    Sometimes subject to planning, ground mounting can make a lot of sense if space allows and may be the only option for some properties