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  • Solar Maintenance

    It's ultra reliable but every once in a while your system may encounter a problem. We are here to help...


    Don't let that sunshine go to waste! If your system is down, get in touch. If you just want to give it a health check, we can do that too

    Be Unique

    We have reasonable call out rates for system checks, trouble-shooting and general maintenance. If you want a quick thumbs up or an inverter replaced, please just call and we'll get any issues resolved asap


    System down? Call us for a quick response

    Be Secure

    Commercial systems may be large and making a significant contribution to the energy demand. We can carry out full system checks and reactive maintenance at short notice

    Plant O&M

    Reliable contracting for preventative and reactive plant maintenance

    Be Brave

    We offer competitively priced maintenance services for large solar plants. We have provided solutions to increase production, minimise downtime; we undertake scheduled maintenance and provide reactive response. Service for plant generating equipment and peripherals

    Health Checks & Reports

    We carry out a variety of system checks and reports for owners, as well as for professional services, such as conveyancing, finance, insurance and more