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  • Urban Solar Ltd. - Now in our 13th Year Trading

    Across the UK, millions of Solar PV systems have been grid-connected over the last 12 years, since we've been in business. It's transformed our energy landscape and seen the cost of solar plummet. Find out how Solar Power can help you and all of us get to a cleaner future for our next generations.

    The Simple Six Step Urban Solar Process

    If you're interested in finding out more about how Urban Solar can help you or your organisation benefit from solar, follow these simple steps to Solar freedom!

    • 1

      Contact Us Anytime

      Call us or contact us by email any time and we'll respond quickly to get things underway.

    • 2

      Providing a Quote or just some advice

      We're happy to do free no obligation quotes subject to survey which will give an accurate idea of costs and benefits. We can also just give some information and advice

    • 3

      Site Visit

      If you're keen to go ahead or verify the design and quote, then we can arrange a site visit to survey and chat through the options

    • 4

      Formal Quote

      We'll then provide a formal quote for your consideration. If you'd like to go ahead, you can let us know and we'll start the 'cooling off' period before booking it in with a small deposit.

    • 5

      Installing the Solar PV System

      We will have arranged a suitable date with you and will perform the installation to our usual high standards. We'll handover a fully working system, as per design.

    • 6

      Final Handover

      After handing over the working system we'll send you all the relevant certificates and documents to demonstrate it has been competently installed by an MCS accredited installer, with the necessary associated approvals.

    That's it! You've gone Solar.

    Solar Power for Home, Business and the Community

    It's time to go Solar!

    Home Solar Power

    When it comes to Solar Power for your home, Urban Solar have the experience and expertise to guarantee the highest quality service at exceptional value.

    Running on sunshine!

    Commercial Solar Energy

    Solar Powering your business will be a wise investment in your energy future. It will buffer any price rises and coupled with storage will maintain emergency power as well as augmenting self-use.

    Energy Security

    Community and Public

    We install for Public Bodies, Energy Cooperatives and Community Groups. Please get in touch with details for your project.

    Power to the People

    Let's get Solar!