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  • Revolutionise your energy supply

    and discover the amazing benefits of clean energy

    Residential Solar

    Solar power will work for almost any home and will guarantee lower bills and carbon footprint.

    Power House

    Turn your roof into a power plant and start generating your own energy. As well as the satisfaction of being partially off-grid, you'll be saving on your bills and helping to clean up the air! With an expected lifetime of over 25 years, the contribution you make now will last for a generation or more.

    Commercial Solar

    Solar can be a perfect fit for business, which tends to require most energy during the daytime.

    Power Security

    Securing your energy for the next few decades will be a wise move. Adding solar power will buffer any future energy price rises and add a range of peripheral benefits, augmented by co-locating storage. Potential grid services and time-of-use tariffs are evolving already. Prepare your business today for the changes of tomorrow.

    Solar Maintenance

    Solar PV is extremely low maintenance but if the need arises, we will resolve any issues promptly.

    Power Aid

    Requiring very little maintenance, solar has proven itself to be extremely reliable. For peace of mind we offer an array of maintenance contracts for all size systems. We also carry out reactive maintenance on one-off basis for any problem that may arise.

    Power from light

    Solar power is versatile and cost effective. Using little valuable space, it will generate power all day every day for decades.

    It will reduce your bills. It will reduce your carbon footprint. It will displace dirty fossil fuels.

    This is your power supply for the future!

    Solar Power for Cleaner Air!

    Kick fossil fuels into the bin and start saving on your bills