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    As OLEV Authorised Installers, we can offer grant funded HomeCharge and Worplace Charge schemes on a wide range of chargers

    Take advantage of the OLEV Grant Scheme. It is there to encourage take up and ensure high standards are maintained by it's installers

    As electric vehicle sales gain traction, a range of high quality charging options are available for residential, commercial and public spaces. As OLEV registered installers we can offer our customers full access to the grants available, up to £500 per charge point, giving a wide choice of subsidised charging facilities.

    Find out more about the OLEV Grant scheme here

    See some of our range below and please get in touch for a quote or free advice.

    olev grant scheme

    For home owners who have purchased (or are about to) an eligible Electric Vehicle and have off-road parking

    The WCS allows for a grant of up to £500 each to be applied for up to 20 Charge Points

    Super fast DC charging is available from 50kW upwards. These are ideal for short stop locations

    If you have a project in mind, as a main contractor or investor, we can assist with viability studies, reports, desktop studies and more

    Take Charge of your driving