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  • Urban Solar are OLEV Approved - Grant Scheme Installers

    The Grant Scheme is still available for eligible chargers and sites. Basically, you need off road parking for the Home Charge and Workplace Schemes. EV chargers must be 'smart' and relay data for montoring and control.

    The Best EV Chargers

    The EV Chargers below are the most popular models and have proven reliable

    Rolec Wallpod

    7.2kW HomeSmart tethered Wallpod £650

    Long established manufacturer and probably one of the biggest globally. They have an extensive range and can be partially customisable. y come in 16A and 32A (7,2kW) models as tethered units or as sockets. They are about the best value.

    MyEnergi Zappi

    7.2kW Zappi V2 tethered Charger £725

    MyEnergi have done a great job claiming the solar niche market, with a charger specialised to optimise solar self-use, as well as a number of other functions.

    EVBOX Elvi

    7.2kW Elvi Charger £925

    EVBOX is another large company providing a robust and reliable range of chargers across all categories. The Elvi is their standard wall or pole mounted 7.2kW unit. As with Rolec, a number of options exist for commercial users.