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  • Urban Solar for clean energy

    Professionalism and excellence is the basis on which we have built our company

    The (b)right idea

    We started Urban Solar in 2011 with the simple aim of installing as much solar as possible. Solar represents a structural change in our energy industry, atomising and democratising generators, so even a humble home owner can be a valued part of our grid.

    The initial Feed-in Tariff helped launch the industry, but as global uptake soared, costs tumbled, so that now, a solar pv system makes sense based on savings and export alone.

    Combined with storage, solar potential is increased; and as the electric vehicle market gains traction, we are finally powering forward to the clean energy transition.


    We strongly believe the transition to clean energy and transport is crucial to the health and well-being of all future generations

    Providing our customers with a high standard service is the only way we do business and we do not compromise on quality

    We've been installing solar since 2011 and have helped many home owners and businesses get solar powered or charged up

    As well as our professional accreditations, we are proud members of RECC, a customer protection scheme

    Once the installation is over, we are still here to help and support our customers. From simple advice, to a quick system check or even maintenance contracts