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  • Residential EV Charging

    With some exceptions, home charging is suitable only to properties with off-road parking.

    OLEV incentive to jump start the drive to install home chargers

    If you have, or will soon have, an electric vehicle and have off-road parking, your installation may be eligible for up to £500 grant.

    More about OLEV Grant Sheme

    A well-designed and robust device, optimised to use solar if required. Comes with peripheral Hub device for monitoring use and is eligible for the OLEV Grant

    Rolec have a large range of chargers and have introduced their new Smart range for updated OLEV Grant requirements. Rolec Solar Smart optimised for use with solar

    A beautifully designed, high quality charger from EV-Box, a specialist EV Charging company. Has monitoring and is also eligible for the OLEV Grant

    Another British company making robust and minimalist chargers. This is a smaller and more discrete looking device. Unfussy but well built, they are eligible for the OLEV GrRant