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  • Commercial EV Charging

    The OLEV Workplace Charge Scheme allows up to £500 per charge point for up to 20 points per company. This means up to £10,000 Grant available

    We are undergoing the initial phase of the transition to electrification of transport

    Electric Vehicles were the future, but they are now overtaking sales of petrol and diesel cars and all manufacturers are repositioning themselves to retain their market. Commerce is now responding quickly with charger installations increasing every week

    OLEV Workplace Scheme

    If you are not sure what the process is, just give us a call or email us and we'll let you know the simple steps to apply for WCS eligibility

    We can provide an outline proposal likely to meet requirements with some costs indicators. This way an evaluation can be made to proceed to next step

    EV chargers are high demand and the suitability of the premises must be verified with a technical site survey as well as DNO notification of intent.

    We'll provide a viable design and quotation. Once accepted, we'll install the equipment and handover commissioned, working chargers and take care of the remainder of the scheme requirements.

    Wall, pole or pedestal mounted single and 3-phase chargers & Rapid DC Chargers 50kW and upwards

    Depending on the need we have all the standard commercial chargers as well as the Rapid DC Chargers designed for short stop outlets