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  • Solar Prices keep Falling – Storage coming of age

    As cell efficiency and panel capacities have broken barriers, the standard all-black panels are 310W or more and climbing…but the prices are falling. On average the modules are around £120 to £130 with premium panels from makers such as LG perhaps 50% higher, but with higher capacities now approaching 400W for a standard sized panel.

    For it’s size, the standard solar panel is cheaper than an equivalent sized skylight, or even most windows.

    Efficiency increases means materials are reduced because less panels are needed to achieve a certain capacity. This also means all associated costs diminish, including actual installation of a solar pv system.

    Solar power is becoming more accessible and certainly more necessary. To combat climate change, reduce CO2 emissions, displace fossil fuels, breathe cleaner air, to save money, to be satisfied with your solar plant, to invest in the future generations…you get the idea.

    The low cost of solar leaves room to consider energy storage, which increases self-use but also has other benefits, such as being able to store at low-rate and release at peak times.

    Urban Solar is a Tesla Certified Installer and we’ve installed Powerwalls for many solar customers. It’s quite stunning for a battery and is feature rich with continued support and updates. It’s powerful, high capacity and great value for it’s capacity and general engineering.

    Smaller scale modular systems such as from BYD and Pylon Tech – when partnered with an inverter/charger – are often more viable options, particularly for smaller systems. However, as they are scalable, it’s possible to build a substantial reserve this way.

    Contact us to find out if solar or storage could work for your home or business. It probably could.

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