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  • Welcome to the Urban Solar website reboot

    Well, here we are mid 2019 and the world is gently going mad. Surreal times we might be in, but the fight for the future is all too real. We have witnessed a seismic shift in public awareness on environmental issues since we launched Urban Solar and despite the total lack of leadership from our fossil-fuel promoting Government, the people want change.

    The solar industry has been singled out for some rough policy adjustments, with subsidies desperately slashed and now gone altogether, causing repeated boom and bust cycles. We have weathered the storm due to sheer bloody-mindedness and the absolute passion and belief that we must act to preserve our world for the future generations.

    It’s been a rocky road but nothing of significance is achieved without effort. We know that most of our customers are aligned with our beliefs and that is also why we persevere, to support them for the long term.

    The future is ours to shape. We have the answers to our problems and if we have the will to push it through, the transition to clean energy will continue apace. Obstacles are what we need to grow and evolve; without a challenge we’d stand still, looking back.

    So, wait no longer! Contact us now and we’ll help you play your part in our journey towards a brighter and cleaner tomorrow.

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