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Sustainability - a paradigm for social prosperity and corporate responsibility

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Our Sustainability Policy

  • Management and staff will recognise that sustainable development shouldn't be a cost, or just a way of complying with legislation, but a method of improving our business, boosting profits and reducing our environmental and social impacts.
  • We will adopt using recycled or reused materials and parts whenever possible and try to steer customers to that end so long as it results in providing the customer with what they require, such as using solar panels with frames made from recycled aluminium drinks cans.
  • We will adopt a system of auditing: keeping a check on our systems and ways of working to measure that we are keeping to a policy of sustainability in the areas of business profit, staff development, resource adoption, use of energy and water, disposal of waste and interaction with our customers and the environment.
  • We will always be mindful of the impact the business has on our employees and the local, wider and international community
  • Where we can, we will try to source from companies with sustainable policies of their own and try to engage ourselves in a vertical integration chain ( or source to final installation.
  • We will give a courtesy call to customers who have had installations completed to let them know that we do actually care about the quality of our installations and to provide evidence of the sustainable basis of our business.

Energy Management and Monitoring

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  • Track the energy you use.
  • Find out where energy is being wasted.
  • Find out where you could save.

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