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Solar Power is real Power to the People

Solar can be installed to most types of houses, buildings or grounds, generating power you can use - saving on your bills. Be more energy independent. Be more energy secure. Sell your surplus or store for later.

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* Types of Solar PV Systems *

Most installations are grid-connected; that means the system is connected to the mains supply. Grid-connected systems are elegible for the Feed-in Tariff. Advantages of grid-connected systems are..
Whether installing new or retro-fitting, you can now use your surplus solar in the evenings and also have a back-up supply in case of power cuts. Read more and see prices for our battery back-up systems
For those situations when there is no grid available. Going off-grid
Small DC kits are great for the garden, garage, caravan, camping etc. They can offer full autonomy or reliable back-up.
Complete package of autonomous lighting for wide range of application...
Solar carports can be an ideal solution for home or business...

* More about Solar PV *

Find out how solar works and how it could work for you
Understanding the Feed-in Tariff (FiT)

* Parts of the system *

See the latest prices on our best panels
All our inverters and chargers for any system design
Solar can be installed in a variety of ways

Be part of our solar future...

Investing in renewables is investing in our future. Call us today to find out if you could benefit from solar power. Our lower cost options for energy efficiency will also help you save on your energy and bills immediately!

See our new time-lapse domestic installation video


See our domestic installation video

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We will design and install high performance solar PV systems for your home or business for a great price - guaranteed to generate power you can use for the next 25 years or more!

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When we show you how much you will benefit you will go solar!

Going Solar means:

  • Choosing renewable energy!
  • Supplying your own power!
  • Saving on your bills!
  • Reducing CO2 emissions!
  • Helping UK meet 2020 target!
  • Helping to power your community!
  • Investing in the future!
  • Receiving a modest Feed-in Tariff!