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We supply and install a wide range of quality solar panels suitable for almost any application and budget.

All these panels are MCS certified and so eligible for FiT subsidies when grid-connected by MCS accredited installers - such as Urban Solar. All panels come with minimum industry standard of 5 year manufacturers defects warranty and 25 year performance warranty.
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Our most popular panels. Axitec is a German company producing high quality panels with exceptional warranties at a great price. The all black 250W monocrystalline panel is our standard for all slate roofs.

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REC panels have the lowest embedded energy of any of our panels as they are manufactured in plants that use renewable energy - a quantum leap forward.

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Hyundai, is a recognsable brand and global heavyweight - Korea’s largest green energy provider, quality and reliability assured.

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Phono Solar

Phono Solar is a Chinese manufacturer offering the highest quality panels at superb prices.

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Jetion Solar is a global player in solar technologies. From high-efficiency solar cells and reliable solar modules up to solar power systems. Jetion was founded in December 2004, has expanded rapidly since then. They offer a 12 year Product Warranty as well as a 25 year linear Performance Warranty.

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For more than 30 years Panasonic has been setting standards for the development of new, innovative and high performance photovoltaic products. Panasonic modules are highly efficient and produce more power per square meter than traditional products and therefore you will need fewer modules on your roof to accomplish very high performance.

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Sharp is one of the world's largest module manufacturers with 50 years of experience in photovoltaics and has its main European factory in Wrexham, North Wales.

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Yingli Solar is one of the world’s largest fully vertically integrated PV manufacturers. With over 2GW of modules installed globally, they are a leading solar energy company built upon proven product reliability and sustainable performance. They are the first renewable energy company and the first Chinese company to sponsor the FIFA World Cup.

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From raw silicon to electricity - how the panels are made

Silicon is the second most abundant mineral in the earths crust. It is usually found combined with other elements and must be dug out of the ground and processed to make hig grade pure silicon.


This material is used to grow the monocrystaline or polycrystaline ingots, as shown below.


These are sliced into very thin wafers of silicon semiconductor. Doping of the semiconductor with imputirities will give the silicon wafers positive or negative electrical attributes necessary to make the cells.


When layered together to form a p-n junction the cell will convert light into electricity. Finished cells have distinctive patterning from the electrical contact strips laid over them. They are set in ethyline vinyl acetate(EVA).

hand cell

The individual cells are connected together in series and in parallel and then set in EVA laminate to completely encapsulate the matrix of cells. This is further set within a frame and protected with toughened glass and waterproof backsheet. The panels also have junction boxes with positive and negative leads.

solar panel layers

The finished panel is designed to withstand the elements and still perform at 80% of it's original output even after 25 years.

panasonic panel

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The benefits are:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Provide an additional revenue stream
  • Improve green credentials with customers and other stakeholders
  • Display a commitment to sustainability
  • Reliable technology - virtually no running costs
  • Very little maintenance over lifetime
  • System Monitoring and Maintenance Charter options available
  • Occupies minimal working space
  • Fully warrantied systems