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Solar panels can be mounted in many ways

Solar is usually over-roof mounted, but there are other options when roof space is not available or if design specs require integrated solar.

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--- Mounting Options ---

  • Roof mounted - On-roof or Over-roof

This is the most common set up on sloping roofs of all kinds, domestic or commercial. It is usually the most economic way of installing and can be used for almost any pitched roof.
over tile system corrugated roof pv

  • Roof mounted - In-roof or Roof Integrated System (RIS)

A good option, especially for small systems and new builds/reroofing.
roof integrated system

  • Roof mounted - Flat Roof Array

Flat roof arrays are more common on commercial properties but can also be used domestically. Quite a large area is needed to avoid self-shading and planning permission is often required.

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic BIPV

Visually and aesthetically the most refined option, with unlimited possibilities of application. Archetectural projects incorporating this solution are greatly increasing.

  • Ground mounted - Flat Array

Similar to the flat roof array but ground mounted instead. Again a large area is needed and so is planning permission for anything over 9 square metres.

  • Ground-mounted - Frame Mounted Array

The best option for large commercial and industrial systems.

  • Ground-mounted - Pole Mounted Tracker

Tracking the sun significantly increases production.
ground-mounted pole pv

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See our domestic installation video

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We will design and install high performance solar PV systems for your home or business for a great price - guaranteed to generate power you can use for the next 25 years or more!

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When we show you how much you will benefit you will go solar!

Going Solar means:

  • Choosing renewable energy!
  • Supplying your own power!
  • Saving on your bills!
  • Reducing CO2 emissions!
  • Helping UK meet 2020 target!
  • Helping to power your community!
  • Investing in the future!
  • Receiving a modest Feed-in Tariff!