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How does solar power work?

Solar PV is an amazing technology that is reliable, long-lasting and gives YOU power.

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What is solar PV and how will I benefit?

A solar PV system will generate electricity you can use in your home. It usually requires very little maintenance during its lifetime as it silently converts the suns light into electricity. Depending on your energy usage, these long life, low maintenance systems could generate a significant proportion of your electricity needs, protecting you from rising energy prices and making you more self-sufficient.

All our domestic grid-connected systems are eligible for the FIT subsidy which is currently paid for 20 years and linked to RPI. The FiT rate is reviewed every 3 months to reflect the typical costs of installing solar and the amount of systems installed, to ensure the FiT budget provides value all round and keeps going for longer. Our solar PV systems will have paid for themselves through savings and FiTs/export income well within 10 years.

We feel that installing solar provides real protection against rising energy costs for at least 25 years.

How do solar panels work?

Solar PV or solar photovoltaic refers to technology that converts the suns light into electricity. In simple terms a solar PV cell works in the opposite way to an LED (which most people are familiar with). With an LED, electricity flow will cause light to be emitted. With a PV cell, absorbing light causes electricity to flow.

A solar PV panel holds many PV cells within a sealed and protected enclosure, ready for practical use. Installed on your roof, or freestanding in your garden, the solar panels will silently generate electricity for your home all day long and with no moving parts these passive systems require virtually no maintenance.

How much electricity do they generate? Will it be worthwhile?

How much electricity generated depends on the size of the installation and is measured in kWp (kilowatt peak). According to Ofgem the average house will use 3300kWh per year. A 4kWp (16 panel) system is usually the largest size fitted domestically and can generate this amount of energy in south Wales in sub optimal conditions. An average size 2kWp (8 panel) system, that is a neat fit on most terraced houses, will potentially provide 1800kWh of energy annually, a significant proportion of power, saving around 1 ton of CO2 being added to the atmosphere. It is clean energy from an infinite source...which makes it very worthwhile.

Be part of our solar future...

Investing in renewables is investing in our future. Call us today to find out if you could benefit from solar power. Our lower cost options for energy efficiency will also help you save on your energy and bills immediately!

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See our domestic installation video

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We will design and install high performance solar PV systems for your home or business for a great price - guaranteed to generate power you can use for the next 25 years or more!

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When we show you how much you will benefit you will go solar!

Going Solar means:

  • Choosing renewable energy!
  • Supplying your own power!
  • Saving on your bills!
  • Reducing CO2 emissions!
  • Helping UK meet 2020 target!
  • Helping to power your community!
  • Investing in the future!
  • Receiving a modest Feed-in Tariff!