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Solar Awnings, Solar Greenhouses, Solar Pergolas...Sunny Solar for the Garden!

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Solar Power in the garden

On or Off-grid - solar power in the garden can be very cost effective. You can still be grid connected so not only will you be able to use this power indoors, but you will also qualify for the Feed-in Tariff - thus paying for itself.

Solar Awnings

solar awning
Solar awnings are a great way to install solar. They offer a dual benefit of providing power and cover - and can be installed in countless ways and instances. Highly cost effective, they will often be attached to an existing structure or substitute traditional materials on planned building projects. They can be rigid, integrated panels or flexible and temporary. They can be grid connected (eligible for FITs) or remote, self powered for greater independence.
solar awning

Solar Pergolas and Solar Gazebos

solar pergola
Pergolas and Gazebos are permanent or temporary garden structures that add special areas in your garden from where to admire natures resplendence or to just sit in the shade and relax. By adding solar PV to your existing structure you will be able to generate enough power to subsidise your home energy use and claim the Feed-in Tarriff. Alternatively they can be designed to provide just enough power to run your nightlights, music, water pumps or garden equipment. Call us now and we'll be able to advise on what kind of solar would work for you. We can retrofit nearly any pergolas or gazebos or construct and install to your exact requirements.
solar pergola

Solar Greenhouses and Solar Sheds

solar greenhouse
A man's best friend may be his shed, but that doesn't mean it can't earn some cash at the same time! Why not power it with solar pv panels and pay for it with income from the governments feed in tariff scheme? Urban Solar can put a 750W solar system on your shed from £799 including vat. Enough to charge most electric bicycles or keep your beers cool. Systems can be designed to fit on to a wide variety of structures both grid connected and off grid. How about buildings on allotments, camp site toilet blocks or scout halls for a start? Anything is possible...

Limited space? - Get the Solar Grower

This is growing in 3 dimensions, saving you valuable space in your garden, yard or terrace. It's fully automated so will also save you valuable time!
Solar Growers can be constructed in timber or metal frame and to any size or specification required. Give us a call or email and we'll price up a system for your exact needs.
solar grower

Making the most of it!

Rustic charm or ultra modern - bespoke design or off the shelf...we have the perfect solar gazebos and garden structures that are totally self-powered!

solar gazebo

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The benefits are:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Provide an additional revenue stream
  • Improve green credentials with customers and other stakeholders
  • Display a commitment to sustainability
  • Reliable technology - virtually no running costs
  • Very little maintenance over lifetime
  • System Monitoring and Maintenance Charter options available
  • Occupies minimal working space
  • Fully warrantied systems