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Understanding the Feed-in Tariff

Feed-in Tariff explained, elegibility criteria and current rates.

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Understanding the Feed-in Tariff

Paid for every kWh generated

By generating clean energy you are helping the UK meet it's target CO2 emissions and receiving a subsidy in return. This is paid for all the electricity generated and recorded on your newly fitted generation meter. It does not matter whether you use this electricity or not as long as you are connected to the grid and your system has been installed and registered by an MCS accredited installer - Urban Solar.
The present rate is 4.1p per kWh of clean energy generated by your solar PV system. The rate will be reduced slightly every quarter but will not affect those already registered at a specific rate. You will stay on 4.1p (linked to RPI) for the 20 year duration of the scheme.

EPC of 'D' or above

You will need an Energy Performance Certificate of 'D' or above to obtain the higher rate of FiT. We will arrange this for you FREE if you do not have one. Properties with an EPC level below 'D' are still eligible for the lower FiT rate of 0.58p.

Feed-in Tariff rates

Stand alone systems and the lower rate FiT at 0.58p per kWh.
System SizeFiT high rate per kWh
> 0kWp ≤ 10kWp4.11p
> 10kWp ≤ 50kWp4.32p
> 50kWp ≤ 250kWp2.21p
> 250kWp1.88p

You will also save on your bills

Whenever you use your own electricity generated by your solar system you will be saving on your bills. The present average cost of electricity is around 16.5p per kWh unit in the UK which has nearly doubled in the last 10 years and is forecast to keep increasing by 5.6% per year according to DECC. That means most of us will be paying at least 25p per kWh in 10 years time.
Using half the electricity generated will make a substantial difference to your bills and go a long way to providing your own energy security for decades to come.

You will export some of your electricity too

Your energy provider will assume that you do use half the energy provided by your solar PV system and therefore 'deem' that half has been supplying the national grid. You will therefore also be paid 4.64p per kWh for half the electricity generated.

Solar benefits summary

Once you have had solar PV installed you will have a new generation meter. This will record all the electricity your system produces and it is this figure upon which all payments are based. Your energy provider will pay you the Feed-in Tariff for every kWh clocked up on your generation meter and also pay you the Export Tariff for half that generated amount. You will also make savings by using your own energy supply and become more independent in the process.

Be part of our solar future...

Investing in renewables is investing in our future. Call us today to find out if you could benefit from solar power. Our lower cost options for energy efficiency will also help you save on your energy and bills immediately!

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