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Solar Carports and EV Charging - the future of transport!

For commercial solar carparks and EV charging stations see here.

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Solar Carports for the future of travel

Electric vehicles are finally reaching the mass market - be prepared!

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Solar Carport - power for tomorrow

The car has got to go somewhere, right? That patch of drive with the oil stains on it. If you've ever thought of using the space for something a bit more worthwhile then perhaps this is your chance. With the SunCarport you could do something for the environment, create income for yourself and provide a shelter worthy of your vehicle. The SunCarport from SolarWorld provides a shelter for your vehicle where the roofing is formed from solar photovoltaic panels. The roof is set at an angle of 15 degrees to provide the optimum balance of energy production and headroom.

Water running off the panels is collected in a guttering system to be drained away. SunCarport is designed and constructed to rigorous German standards and comes in several configurations all giving just over 2kWp of output. The stylish and robust aluminium and stainless steel construction provides space for a maximum passage of 3.04m x 4.94m long. With most cars measuring less than 190cm width this leaves plenty of room for access and egress. CarSunport can be supplied for you in portrait or landscape style and a double version is available if required.

EV Charging Points and Stations

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We offer the full range of solutions for Electric Vehicle charging. Single points for the home, charging stations, solar PV/EV charging, pay-as-you-charge and charge-as-you-park.
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Making the most of it!

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The benefits are:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Provide an additional revenue stream
  • Improve green credentials with customers and other stakeholders
  • Display a commitment to sustainability
  • Reliable technology - virtually no running costs
  • Very little maintenance over lifetime
  • System Monitoring and Maintenance Charter options available
  • Occupies minimal working space
  • Fully warrantied systems