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Solar PV and planning

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Planning for solar PV is usually not required.

Most often considered as permitted development but occasionally permission is required.

Even when permission is required, it is often permited when due consideration has been given in regards to official guidance. We encourage all our customers to enquire with their local authority about planning, though we can do this for you.
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For roof mounted systems the guidance given by the planning portal is:

  • Minimise visual impact where practicable.
  • Ensure installation does not exceed the roof ridge.
  • Ensure the system does not exced 20mm from the surface to which it is mounted - for pitched roof.

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For ground mounted systems the following limits may apply before planning consent is required:

  • Should be no higher than 4 metres.
  • Should be at least 5 metres from boundaries.
  • Size of array is limited to 9 sq. metres.
  • It should not be visible from the highway.
  • Should not be installed within the boundary of a listed building and in World Heritage sites.

If unsure about planning...

call us - 0845 2658315

Or call your local planning office. You can also find information on the
Planning Portal