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---------------------------------OUR SPECIAL 2013 OFFERS--------------------------------

-- Amazing low prices on our Performance Systems! Domestic Feed-in Tariff of 15.4p per kWh really rewards with our best value kits...£3495 for 2kWp! -- see below

-- Our Intelligent Systems offers are ready -- Battery back-up - UPS - trackers - £6995 for 3kWp with battery back-up! -- see below

-- Local manufacturers or high aesthetics - our Environment Systems deliver the sensible solutions at sensible prices!

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Amazing Offers for New Year!

Discover how solar could be powering your future!

Our Performance Systems are amazing value!

performance system performance system

  • 2kWp from under £3500!!!

  • 3kWp from under £5000!!!

  • 4kWp from under £6000!!!

Intelligent Systems designed to give you more.

battery back up

Solar battery back-up for self-use is the best way to make sure you use as much of your own power as possible. The idea is to be able to store surplus energy generated during the day for the evening - instead of flowing to the grid. Designed to provide between 4 and 6 hours of power these systems do not require large banks of batteries. Call us to find out more

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Solar power is working with nature to for a better environment - and a brighter future for our children.


Affordability now on a par with modest home improvements - pays for itself in under 10 years and provides you with power for decades.


Sleek and sophisticated...and generating power. A well designed installation looks the business!