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We offer a range of maintenance services for solar installations.

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Solar maintenance contracts, maintenance visits, system analysis, servicing and repairs for domestic and commercial.

We offer all our customers a first year full maintenance and system check FREE as part of our dedicated installation service. We also have a range of maintenance contracts for any size system from domestic to commercial. And we also provide a safe isolation and/or removal service, so building or roof repairs can be conducted in safety.

  • FREE First Year Maintenance for all our customers!
  • As part of our service we will arrange a full system check and analysis after approximately 1 year. This will show us how well the system has been performing.

  • Maintenance Contracts - Domestic and Commercial
  • We have several options for domestic and commercial contract maintenance. Call us to discuss your requirements. All our rates are very reasonable and reflect the fact that solar PV systems are very low maintenance.

  • Maintenance Visit - Domestic and Commercial
  • If you would like to arrange for a maintenance call or system analysis, we would be happy to visit your installation and conduct a full inspection, testing and analysis.

  • Servicing and Repairs - Domestic and Commercial
  • We can conduct any servicing or repairs and replacement for any type and size installation. If you have any concerns as to the operation or safety of your system then please call us anytime.

  • Removal Service - Temporary or Permanent
  • If you need your system to be safely isolated, or if you need part or all the system removed for building maintenance (e.g. new roof) then we can provide this service in a very cost effective and efficient manner. We are also able to permanently remove a system for safe disposal via the PV Cycle recycling sheme.
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    • Fully accredited.
    • Members of ELECSA trade body.
    • Members of REAL consumer body.
    • Experienced professionals.
    • Trusted tradesmen.
    • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.
    • First Year FREE maintenance.
    • Friendly service.