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Ethical business values people and the planet.

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Our Ethical Policy

  • We will treat all of our staff fairly and respond to any complaints or criticism neutrally with an eye to use such as a basis of improvement in staff relations.
  • We will try, as much as is possible, to further the case for ethical practices in all of our business dealings with other companies.
  • We will not invest in companies or work with companies whose work practices are counter to ethical, sustainable or environmentally sound practices.
  • We will be open, clear and consistent with customers whenever we engage with them whether in contract formations, communications of all kinds and in our expectations of their responsibilities to us in our business transactions.
  • Our whole business is geared towards sustainability, we believe that an ethical backbone with regards to how we engage in the practical nature of the business is a second nature to our business and we will strive working towards with businesses who have sound ethical philosophies.

Energy Management and Monitoring

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  • Track the energy you use.
  • Find out where energy is being wasted.
  • Find out where you could save.

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