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A strong environmental stance is the foundation of our business

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Our Environmental Policy

  • We will endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment within which we work both on site and within the office. For the office we will ensure that the materials that we use will be sustainably sources, i.e. recycled paper, printing on both sides of paper, not printing out emails, re-used furniture, buy energy efficient electrical equipment such as energy star rated computers, will turn off computers when not in use or put into sleep mode if they are not to be used for a minor amount of time.
  • We will use fairtrade tea and coffee and adhere to purchasing fairtrade items where options allow.
  • We will give careful consideration to our carbon footprint when having to transport ourselves and / or equipment to sites and material / product producers, by driving the van in the most appropriate manner to reduce our fuel usage, by van-sharing, by using bicycles when appropriate.
  • We will endeavour to obtain materials for installations with due consideration to the impact on the environment, from source to final destination.
  • We will manage the minimal waste that is produced by our activities effectively by ensuring that all materials that can be recycled or reclaimed will be so dealt with. Other waste will be managed well and always at or above regulative expectations.
  • We will make our employees aware of our environmental responsibilities and maintain to communicate our environmental, sustainability and ethical policies to our customers and all external stakeholders and take time when possible to urge our suppliers to improve their environmental policies when applicable.
  • We will efficiently use water and energy.
  • We will always aim to keep site noise and disturbances to a minimum and be considerate and respectful to home-owners, neighbours and passers by.
  • We will communicate our environmental aims and objectives to our employees and external stakeholders.
  • We will review our environmental policy at least annually and try to monitor progress when time allows, and update the policy when this is reflected by changes within our work practices and/or by law.

Energy Management and Monitoring

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  • Track the energy you use.
  • Find out where energy is being wasted.
  • Find out where you could save.

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