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Becoming more Energy Efficient is guaranteed to reduce your operating and running costs. Savings can be substantial!

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We can provide you with several low cost solutions to improve your energy efficiency which will pay for themselves many times over.

  • Voltage optimisation
  • Power Factor Correction
  • LED lighting & efficient heating
  • Fuel cell generators
  • Back up supply - UPS
  • Energy management

Voltage Optimisation

Whole or partial installation optimisation will save energy. Especially recommended for large banks of lights, refridgeration and motor circuits. A simple, fast and cost-effective method of acheiving 10% to 17% reduction in usage - meaning this reliable, robust, longlife technology presents and essential upgrade vital to streamining your business.
led lights

LED Lighting

We can supply and fit new lighting for a great price. LED lighting is the most efficient way to provide lighting over a range of situations. Most light fittings will accept LED lighting, providing a quick fix solution for immediate savings. They use a phenominally small amount of energy to provide lighting equivalent to energy hungry alternatives. Initial capital investment can be easily justified by calculating typical savings. If you would like to know how much you could be saving - call us on0845 2658315 - for a free survey and report.

Fuel Cell Generators

A variety of highly efficient and silent generators are available for many applications. Solar enhanced, hydrogen based generators are ideal for use as back-up supplies. They are also ideally suited to sites where noise and exhaust emissions are not permissable or problematic. These renewable energy generators are the perfect answer for a host of situations when fossil fuel based generators are not ideal. Remote or mobile sites can use a hybrid set up of solar PV, electrolyser and hydrogen generator to provide a reliable, renewable, clean and quiet energy.
fuel cell generator fuel cell generator

Back up supply and UPS

Having a back up supply will be critical to many business environments where essential services are relient on continuous electrical supply. Battery banks, flywheels and generators are used to keep power flowing when the main supply has been interupted. Datacentres usually require Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and inline solutions, whereas many commercial premises require simple back up for short periods at infrequent intervals. Contact us to find out more.
energy management

Energy Management and Monitoring

Monitorng usage will clearly demonstrate where energy is being needlessly wasted, where optimisation is required or even wholesale changes to energy usage habits encouraged. Most public buildings are required to show how energy is being used on premises but it is becoming evident that the benefits of tracking consumption in terms of cost savings and emission reductions are obvious and relevent for all business and commerce.
energy efficiency

Low cost solutions to save you energy!

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We will help you save.

The benefits are:

  • Low upfront cost!
  • Optimising your usage!
  • Saving on your bills!
  • Reducing CO2 emissions!
  • Helping UK meet 2020 target!
  • Helping to power your community!
  • Investing in the future!