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Top 5 reasons for choosing Urban Solar

Our Ethical and Environmental Stance

Authenticity goes a long way in establishing trust with our customers.

Obviously we want our company to be successful but more than that we really want to bring renewable energies to the fore as a viable and sustainable way forward. We strongly believe in the benefits of solar PV for microgeneration and we strive to to make it as affordable as possible for as many as possible.

Quality of Service

Professional service, quality installations and Workmanship Warranties

The tried and trusted method of growing business is through recommendation. Therefore, we will always do our utmost to make sure our customers get the best we can offer. This is why we offer 10 year Workmanship Warranties.

Code of Conduct

Keeping it REAL - Renewable Energy Assurance Limited

By signing up to REAL we not only fulfil one of the criteria set out by the MCS, but we also show our commitment to provide our customers with an assurance scheme they can rely on and to provide us with an established set of guidelines to adhere to. Best practices and a strict code of conduct are the basic building blocks for solar PV installers.

Customer Care

Helping our customers every step of the way.

Not only do we give a high level of care before and during installation but we also make sure we give our customers the right type of after-sales care. We guide you through the Feed-in Tariff application and we will check that you are happy with your system one month after completion. We will conduct a FREE maintenance check approximately a year later and make recommendations for further checks. We can also monitor your system remotely and so are aware if any problems arise.

The Triple Bottom Line

A new way to do business in a hyper-capitalist world

An unfortunate product of our economic models is that all seems secondary to profit. There is only one bottom line. However, if we wish to bring about a sustainable model of business then we need to look at profit from two other perspectives: from the customers view and from an environmental angle. The triple bottom line does just this. Yes, there is a benefit to the company or business. Yes, there is a benefit to the customer. AND YES, there is a benefit to the environment.
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