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By using modest back-up power you can greatly increase the amount of solar power you use. Increased self use means increased savings!

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Enhancing your solar PV with a back-up supply means you can use your solar power during the evening.

Whether you want to increase your own self use or provide back-up power when the mains is lost we can provide you with the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Battery Back-up

Solar batteries are the perfect choice for many homeowners who are not able to maximise the use of solar during the daytime. By using a small battery bank, solar power can be used at night. This option brings self-sufficiency even closer with owners often able to generate up to 70% of their own power from solar alone.
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Fuel Cell Generators

The ideal option for more demanding installations. Designed to give a longer term solution for vastly increased self-sufficiency and off-grid situations.
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Whole system solutions

We can supply and design complete, integrated systems that can grow and be added to in the future
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Back-up your POWER!

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Back-up power will:

  • Use solar at night!
  • Generate up to 70% of your energy!
  • Slash your bills!
  • Reduce your emissions!
  • Give you power when mains is lost!