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Helpful advice for our customers - monitoring your system (it's easy).

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It's very easy to keep an occasional eye on how your system is performing...just check your generaton meter!

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Stay connected to your energy source!

  • How do you know your system is working?
  • Being fully automated and out of the way, it is easy to forget you have had solar installed! Even though solar PV systems are virtually maintenance free it is recommended that you check your generation meter, inverter or monitor regularly. We provide a wireless monitor for nearly all our customers as part of the standard kit, which will enable you to conveniently check your system anytime. Most monitors also indicate any faults and store data for download.

    We are also able to offer web based monitoring, or even sophisticated energy management systems, but even if you do not have a monitor you will always have a generation meter. This is the meter that records how much energy your system has generated and is used to make FiTs and export payments. Your meter should clock up energy every day, even dull days. In addition, the common Elster meter will display a red permanently lit LED when not working. If this is lit during the day then the system has shutdown.

    Grid connected inverters are designed with safety features and will shutdown when there is a power cut or the mains power is out of it's normal range, e.g. voltage surge. They will then monitor the grid and when it has been stable for 3 minutes will automatically begin supplying power again.

  • And how do you know it's working properly?
  • power-one inverter

    The quotation we gave you will have an estimate of what you should expect your system to generate. This estimate is obtained using the SAP (2009) calculation for solar photovoltaic systems. We carefully design our systems to perform as near optimal as possible and have taken shading and other losses into account. Therefore, your system should perform very near to the estimate and quite possibly exceed it.

    In addition, SAP also gives an indication of expected monthly variation. The estimate for annual generation (given in your quote in kWh) can be divided by 12 (for the months of the year) and then multiplied by the figure in the table below to give the estimated generation for each month.


  • How can I make the most of my solar power?
  • You may not always be home during the day and even though you are still receiving a FiT subsidy for generating clean energy, you would also like to use as much of your solar energy as possible. This will mean using less from your electricity supllier and therefore lower bills.

    There are basically 2 ways to increase self-use of your solar power:

    1. Adding solar battery back up for self-use.
    2. Adjust your energy usage habits by trying to use appliances (or set a timer) during the daytime. For Top 10 ways to become more energy efficient See our leaflet.

  • Should a customer do any maintenance themselves?
  • No. As panels will nearly always be tilted over 15 degrees they are considered self-cleaning - with rain. However, you may notice bird mess that has dried on a panel. Though rain will clean this away, during extended sunny periods there is no harm in gently hosing the panels down. Do NOT use a pressure washer or abrasives. Other than cleaning panels, no maintenance should be carried out by the customer or any individual not trained or properly skilled to work with solar PV technology.

  • What should I do if my solar PV system is not working or I have any other concerns?
  • Please just call us or email us if you have any concerns at all. We will respond as quickly as possible to make sure your concerns are addressed and that any maintenance or repairs are carried out without delay - ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. Please do not attempt to correct any system faults yourself. Solar PV systems generate significant amounts of power and must be operated by skilled personnel only.

Check your meter regularly

generation meter
This red LED should flash periodically when in operation - the more frequently it flashes the more your system is generating. It should only be permanently lit when the system is dorment (at night). The digits on the display should always be visible unless there has been a power cut or the fuse in the consumer unit has tripped.

If in doubt...please call us - 0845 2658315

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