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We are now entering our 7th year trading and we hope it's a case of lucky number seven, because the solar industry in the UK has been weakened by successive policy changes. The fact is that most people, over 80% consistently, want to see more solar power and yet what should be (and was) a thriving industry has been decimated. Incredibly, we are still here but only due to our determination (ok, sheer bloodimindedness) to keep promoting renewable energy and to be here to support all our amazing customers.

With this in mind, we are creating new maintenance contracts for existing and new customers. We are also stocking a range of monitoring and accessories; and finally, we will be able to properly start promoting battery back-up as the economics begin to make sense.

We are still installing standard solar pv systems but we have also used our expertise with off-grid systems and small solar kits for numerous applications.

We'll soon have our Ebay shop up and running too.


Our 4th year of trading!

We are now well into our fourth year of trading as Urban Solar and are more determined than ever to see solar power installed to as many homes and businesses as possible. Installing some of the most affordable and high quality systems available today, we have been extremely busy since the year began.

We are obviously very proud to have recently installed for The Chapter Arts Centre and also to many more domestic properties than at any other time since we have been in business. There is no doubt that solar power really appeals to the public - out of the way on the roof, generating lots of power, saving you money on your bills and making you more independent from the the Big 6 energy companies!


2014 - another bright year for solar!

With solar PV in the mainstream, we are looking forward this year to pursuing our mission of installing solar power for more people. With a backdrop of increasing energy prices, solar offers real help and greater self-sufficiency.


2013 - a bright year for solar!

With prices at an all time low there has never been a better time to install solar. Based on bill savings alone - and the thrill of owning your own power station! - choosing solar power makes for a positive contribution to your wallet and the the environment. There are plenty of options as solar is scalable and versatile. We can design systems from small garden based autonous lights/pumps to large commercial projects.

All our grid-connected systems are still eligible for the Feed-in Tariff, which is sensibly set at 15.44p per kWh for domestic properties. Combined with savings, this generally means our solar PV systems pay for themselves within 7 to 10 years. And with a lifetime expectancy of over 25 years, these systems are guaranteed to provide usable power for decades.

With roof-mounted systems starting under £3000 and ground-mounted systems from as little as £995 fully installed, and with a range of options and applications, solar power has never looked brighter!

If you would like to know more please browse our website or give us a call anytime on 0845 2658315


Energy Security - why we need it.

By 2018 19GW of todays generating capacity will be gone (ECA Today) and it is not by any means assured that it will be replaced on time. With a concerted effort by the Government to power down on renewables, it is best to secure some independence from short-termism and vested interests. There are various ways for home owners and businesses to provide energy security for the long-term future.

  • Energy Efficiency is first and foremost and we can advise on and install measures to reduce consumption.
  • Energy Management Systems are smartening up our energy usage.
  • Back-up Systems in the form of batteries and/or generators - essential for some.
  • Renewable Energy generation, such as solar PV, will guarantee your supply for decades.

Energy security might seem over the top, but we are facing a few compounding issues that make the sceptre of rationed energy, brown-outs and black-outs a very real prospect. Not only are we going to lose significant generating capacity but we are reaching or have reached peak oil - with all the implications that has. Primarily, our transport fuel will have to come from another source - and electricity is the most practical for many reasons.

According to OFGEM, a typical small home will use 3300kWh of electricity a year. A typical solar PV installation of 2kWp (8 panels) will generate half of this, around 1700kWh a year. We are now able to install these systems from only £3495 including everything except scaffolding. We can also provide 3kWp or above fully integrated solar PV with battery back-up from as little as £6995!

Whether for domestic or commercial we welcome all enquiries.


New rate - same return...find out why

With the next Feed-in Tariff cut tomorrow we have been manically busy installing over the last month, with the worst summer rains we've known and a hot spell last week to dry us all out. Once again we got all our customers registered with time to spare, despite the rainy delays.

The new FiT rate of 16p per kWh for domestic installs will give just as good a return as all the previous rates. Why? Because not only have prices come tumbling down but we have streamlined our business to keep all other costs down too.

This means - hold on to your hats - that we can install:

  • 2kWp (8 panel) system from just...£3495!!!
  • Generating around 1700kWh a year and over £400 of income and savings
  • 3kWp (12 panel) system from just...£4995!!!
  • Generating around 2550kWh a year and over £625 of income and savings
  • 4kWp (16 panel) system from just...£5995!!!
  • Generating around 3400kWh a year and over £850 of income and savings

Being passionate about solar and determined to make difference, we are driving affordability of solar down to a level that makes it accessible to most homeowners. This is a big part of our mission and we are very happy to be realising it.

Call us on 0845 2658315 to get a quick estimate or arrange a FREE site survey and NO OBLIGATION quote.


April was a slow month for the industry but it's picking up once again as people realise the Feed-in Tariff scheme is still going strong and giving great rates of return. Beat the July deadline if you are interested, as there are due to be ongoing reductions to the FiT as installations increase.

Approaching grid parity. It is surely not long before subsidies are no longer necessary as the price of solar continues to fall. Unlike fossil fuels which continue to rise and continue to add pollution and CO2 to our environments. As for nuclear...this continues to be a real burden for generations - see millenia.

Right now we are offering our best value Performance systems, fully installed, from only -- £4495 for 2kWp -- £5995 for 3kWp -- £6795 for 4kWp

Call us on 0845 2658315 to get a quick estimate or arrange a FREE site survey and NO OBLIGATION quote.


April Fools is upon us and the Government have introduced more funny business to an increasingly complex scheme that had started with such a simple structure. On the back of a ghoulish Halloween announcement of the rapid slashing of the incentive, then pursuing an unlawful course of action that plunged the Solar industry into chaos, the Government are still tinkering with proposals, consultations and changes that will see the FIT scheme reduced yet further. With more reductions planned to be ongoing.

However, no matter what the Government choose to do, the people have quite clearly demonstrated their desire for sustainable, renewable energy generation - and the jobs this will provide. Prices for solar PV installations have dropped dramatically over the last year and the trend continues meaning that subsidies will soon no longer be necessary.

Increasing energy costs and uncertainty about future capacity is motivating more consumers to look at the alternatives. Owning your energy supply, that could be providing over half your needs may not just be desirable, but could become essential. Releasing oneself from the grip of energy giants that have cornered the market and are raking in profits is a very good feeling indeed. Call us on 0845 2658315 to discover how the benefits of solar will put a smile on your face!


Once again we just managed to fulfil our orders before the new tariff LEGALLY came into play on the 3rd March. Government induced panic was more muted than in the December rush, but it still makes for wonky business of high and low.

For anyone considering going solar now, it is still an extremely attractive option. Not only are you future-proofing your energy by taking ownership of your own supply, reducing bills and tackling climate change, you will still benefit from the Feed-in Tariff subsidy.


It has been an interesting time for the solar industry the last few months. It is difficult to avoid cynicism when contemplating the Governments mismanagement of the Feed-in Tariff scheme. When in opposition David Cameron mocked the scheme as not ambitious enough and promised to do more if he came to power. Since then, however, Camerons Government has reacted to the success of the scheme, and solar PV in particular, by attempting to curb demand to nearly zero.

Not only by illegally introducing swift and harsh cuts, but also by planning to make eligibilty and rate linked to Energy Performance Certificate 'C' or above (about 8% of UK homes), or Green Deal measures yet to be released. To add to this, they pursue their appeal, resulting in no actual rate and plenty of confusion.

In an attempt to clarify the situation, they have issued a statement which gives 21p per kWh as the lowest rate that can be expected by anyone installing solar now. There remains the possibility that installations registered before March 3rd will receive the previous higher rate. We are advising customers to base their decision on the 21p rate, which is the rate we use to show customers expected income and ROI.

We are quite happy to work to the new rate and feel it almost reflects how costs have fallen. We are still able to offer great rates of return on our Performance kits. For those who want greater autonomy, small battery back-up means you can use your solar power at night and maximise bill savings!

We have been witness to the rapid uptake and public enthusiasm for solar power. Most properties are suitable, to greater or lesser extents, which means many homeowners could generate much of their own electricity. If you are interested in discovering the benefits just give us a call on 0845 2658315 and we can give you an estimate straight away or arrange for a free site survey and quote.


The subsidising of solar PV and other renewables will help the UK become more self-reliant and sustainable. Competent management of subsidy schemes should be relatively simple. The Government has done more than botch this; they are destroying it. The rapid deadline and sever cut make for a lethal combination and even though this is bad news, it gets worse.

If the Feed-in Tariff scheme eligibility is based on having an Energy Performance Certtificate 'C' or above, or requirements of the'Green Deal' that won't have been released, this will further curtail demand. It will also mean that while a household can inefficiently consume fossil fuels, perhaps with financial assistance, reducing the strain on natural resources by using solar PV will no longer be rewarded. Unless you undertake a range of other measures first...otherwise carry on as you were.

Fortunately we will be able to adapt to the sudden change but it will be at great cost. It is all the more frustrating as we have seen and heard first hand how keen people are for renewable energy.


It has been a busy summer and despite the autumn finally taking hold we are still seeing demand for solar PV increasing. This is probably due to the fact that Feed-in Tariffs are set to come down in April 2012 and panel prices have fallen so much. This means that this could well be the best possible time to get into solar.


Great to be invited to go to the House of Commons by PRASEG (Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group) and the BPVA. Gregory Barker MP explained the recent fast-track review of the Feed-in Tariff scheme that saw large projects capped to lower rate tariff. Though many people attending were upset by this quick review, for the domestic market it was good news - ensuring that homeowners looking to benefit from microgeneration will not have the funds siphoned by the big hedge fund investors.


We've had our assessment and have successfully gained MCS Certification for Solar PV Systems, to go with our Full Scope Part P for Electrical work. Which means our customers can have full confidence in our service.


We have now received our membership to REAL Assurance Scheme, the Renewable Energy consumer body. We are steadily progressing towards our MCS accreditation.


We are now actively looking for people to register for our prelaunch offer. If you are tempted by solar then book us for a FREE site survey before our official launch and we will make you elegible for a full 10% off the installation costs, should you wish to proceed with us.


We are now Urban Solar Ltd. We are currently undergoing accreditation with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme to ensure all our installations are eligible for FITs. We will officially launch in April and are beginning our marketing campaign to register customers. We are kicking off with a 10% OFF full installation costs to those ready to sign up before our launch.


We'd all like to do our bit to help the environment, but all too often it comes down to the bottom line. So when something comes along which promises to help the environment while at the same time earning money...the bottom line has never looked better. Read more to find out why the Feed-In-Tariff system (FITs) will revolutionise energy generation - making microgeneration and self-sufficiency a profitable proposition for the homeowner and business.

Urban Solar - who we are

Urban Solar aims to become a leading installer of solar PV systems and energy efficiency products in Cardiff and South Wales. The driving forces behind this goal are to help reduce emissions and pollution, to promote cleaner alternatives to energy generation, to increase self-sustainability and to help reduce consumer energy costs.

With the Global shift in environmental awareness, the realisation of finite resources and incentive schemes like the Feed-in-Tariffs, that have been introduced across the world, the renewables industry is poised to take off. Urban Solar has been created by individuals committed to positive action, community and self-sustainability. Over a year of research, months of planning and intensive training has forged the will and built momentum for Urban Solar to become one part of a progressive movement, led by the Welsh Assembly, to make Wales a renewable energy economy.

Choosing solar power will:

  • Contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Push towards clean energy generation.
  • Make us less reliant on fossil fuels.
  • Reduce the need for nuclear energy.
  • Provide energy security.
  • Allow greater energy independence.
  • Promote green economy and jobs.
  • Promote responsible resource management.
  • Display our committment to future generations.