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Domestic, Commercial and Public-Facing Electric Vehicle Charging - supply and installation

OLEV Authorised Grant Scheme Installers

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As OLEV Authorised Installers, we can offer grant funded HomeCharge and Worplace Charge schemes on a wide range of chargers

OLEV have two Grant funded schemes to help promote take-up of EV chargers for residential and commercial premises. The Homecharge and Workplace Charging schemes will help reduce the costs of installing charge points when using certified installers, such as ourselves. We are fully trained to install all types of chargers, so please give us a call and start charging ahead!

* Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme - EVHS *

The prices indicated below assume eligibilty for the Homecharge Scheme

rolec wallpod homecharge

rolec wallpod homecharge

EVHS means we can supply and install an eligible charger for you with up to 75% or £500 of the costs covered by the Government grant managed by OLEV (The Office for Low Emmissions Vehicles). All you have to do is select a charger and check that you will be eligible for the scheme.

* Workplace Charging Scheme - WCS *

Get up to £300 off each charge point installed, up to a maximum of 20 charge points. Prices shown below are trade prices without any grant reduction applied.

Rolec securicharge 1way

Rolec securicharge 1way

Rolec securicharge 1way

Rolec basiccharge

The WCS offers a generous grant of £300 per chargepoint, with up to 20 chargepoints eligible per applicant, across a range of charging solutions for commercial and public-facing chargers. These come with various public payment options and security, which combined with the scheme make it financially viable to offer EV charging facilities to staff and customers. All you have to do is select your chargers and check that you will be eligible for the scheme.

Making the most of it!

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The benefits are:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Provide an additional revenue stream
  • Improve green credentials with customers and other stakeholders
  • Display a commitment to sustainability
  • Reliable technology - virtually no running costs
  • Very little maintenance over lifetime
  • System Monitoring and Maintenance Charter options available
  • Occupies minimal working space
  • Fully warrantied systems